Loft Conversion or House Extension – Which is a More Feasible Option?

Loft conversion and house extension are ways to increase space within the property. However, depending on the urgency and the budget the person has, you need to fix the conversion or extension decision. Sometimes a house extension is a thought that comes to your mind whenever you face a space crunch in the house. However, it is not always the best solution. Not only the budget but the extension needs time and expertise. Moreover, you might need to relocate to get your house extended. 

Under such situations, a loft conversion in Orpington is the most feasible idea. This is cost-effective and adds value to the house. You can resell the house at a higher price if you have an extended roof. Moreover, a loft is a used part of the house, and you can easily make good use of the same by extending the loft. 

To know the differences between loft conversions and house extensions, read on. 

Loft conversion vs House Extension 

Price factor 

Typically loft conversions are cheaper and more affordable than the house extension process. Loft conversion uses the space that is already present in the house. Hence there’s no requirement for a complete construction or new build in such a case. On the contrary, the house extension is expensive because the builders here must build the new room or portion of the house from scratch. The cost of materials and labour increases compared to the loft conversion projects. 

Easy construction process

A loft conversion is the best option if you’re in a hurry and want to get the same construction easily. Lofts can be constructed easily; the good part is that you don’t need prior permission. On the contrary, for the house extension process, you need to hire a team of builders, and the construction process is time-consuming and hectic. You’ll need permission from the neighbours and the localities to complete the construction within time. 

Space availability

For house extension, you need a separate space to make the construction. If the house boundary does not permit the extension, construction is impossible. The builders will thus check all the aspects before finalising the home extension project. In case of a loft conversion, you don’t need to get into such a fuss. You can easily use the available space within the house and convert the same to get more space and a new room within the property. 

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