Four Important Steps of a Loft Conversion Process

Do you have an unused loft in your house? Are you wondering what to do with the same? A loft conversion is easily the best way to utilise the unused space of the house. If you’re planning on getting a loft conversion in Beckenham, make sure that you approach a professional, for that matter. They have the knowledge, experience and skills to help you with traditional and trendy loft conversions. However, before opting for the loft conversion, make sure that you check the process and know in detail about the same. 

A loft conversion cannot be completed in a day. It is a time-consuming process. Here’s a brief detail on the steps of loft conversion that every company follows. 

What are the steps of loft conversion?

Planning a loft conversion

Planning is the first phase of any loft conversion project. Discuss your ideas with the builder at this time. Fix the purpose of your new loft. Schedule a consultation to determine your needs, measure your loft, and determine the maximum room sizes. Ask for an accurate quote for the requested work. Planning is an important phase because the work will start after the same. If the builder feels they will take permission from the local authorities. The work will start after that. 

Preparing the loft 

The next is the stage of preparation. Now the builder will make all the essential preparations for the build. You can mutually decide on a start date. Before construction starts, the builder will erect scaffolding and gather materials. Depending on the size of your loft, work typically takes 6 to 8 weeks. Make sure the conversion happens when it’s most convenient for you. Ask the builder to complete all the labour-intensive work first so you may go about your daily business as usual.

Starting the construction process

The builders will begin the construction stage once all the preliminary work is finished. They will first remove any excess and unwanted furniture and structures from your loft to make way for your new living area. Once they get a solid framework in place and the groundwork for your loft conversion is set, the actual construction work will commence.

Finishing the design 

Once the basic construction is completed, the builders will plaster the walls, ceilings and apply a coat of paint to ensure the smoothness of the surface. Moreover, they will also take care of the windows, doors and other attachments to make the loft look like a room. 

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