Extension Or Loft Conversion – Which One Are You Planning to Invest In?

Loft conversions are an affordable method of getting more space within the property. To know the differences between loft conversion and home extension, read on. 

Extension Or Loft Conversion – Which One Are You Planning to Invest In?

When it comes to home renovations, many options will come to your mind. Among the available options, one of the biggest decisions is whether you should opt for a loft conversion or house extension. They both have pros and cons, so the decision needs to be taken logically. From a wider perspective, loft conversion takes less time and is cheaper than a home extension. If you need a room, loft conversion is a more economical option. 

On the contrary, opting for a house extension to get a room out of the available space will take a lot of time,legal proceedings, money, and mental stress. Apart from this visible difference, there are some other differences as well. If you want to opt for loft conversion in Bromley, approach professionals in this field. They can help you with different loft conversions to suit your space availability.

Conversion or extension – know the differences

Construction process

The construction process of loft conversion is easier compared to a house extension. Lofts are already a part of the house; hence, no legal formalities are involved with the conversion. Moreover, you only need a few windows to build around the loft and change the interiors to make it a room. Thus the time taken for lot conversion is very less. 

Price of construction

For loft conversion, the cost is less compared to home extensions. Since the loft is already present, you don’t need to bear construction costs. It is only the renovation cost that matters. On the contrary, a home extension is a lengthy process requiring new construction. If you’re low on budget and have an unused loft at your place, then loft conversions are a more feasible option. On the contrary, if there’s no loft and you need additional space, then there’s no option left but to opt for a house extension. 

Space availability

Loft conversions can be done within a very low amount of available space. You can easily get it converted into a room. All you have to check is the headspace available. But for a complete room extension for a house extension, there should be enough backside or rare end space available in the property. Otherwise, the extension could not be possible. 

Varieties available

Loft conversions generally are of different types. You can opt for velux, roof light, or dormer loft conversions. On the contrary, If you opt for house extensions, there are no variations. There are three types you can either opt for – either a front, rear or a side house extension. The house extension process is subject to space availability and legal formalities. 

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